Brochure Design Trends to Follow in 2018

Online marketing may have taken over the world. And, websites have become a necessity for businesses. But, it doesn’t mean you should say goodbye to brochures. A creative, well-crafted brochure has the power to convert potential customers into loyal clients. If you are a small business or a young start-up, a brochure can be an effective marketing tool to create a buzz for your products and services.

Brochure Design Tips: Do not ignore the Current Trends

Even though you have a website and a Facebook page, many clients still seek brochures to get a clear idea of your business. And, brochures can even be the first impression that you can make on your potential clients at a trade fair or an exhibition. So, it is essential that your brochure is trendy enough to catch the attention of your target market.

Brochure Design Trends 2018

  • Diversity in Typography

By using words as an art, creative typography is becoming a key trend in 2018. You can take inspiration from your business, products and services to create stylish typography. Even custom typography can be an option for your brochures. You can mix different font styles and use different typography for the cover text and main text. Remember that in order to make your brochure look unique, opt for bigger and bolder texts.

  • Minimalism

Minimalist brochure designs are a welcome change from cluttered leaflets that do not cut through the crowd. With simple design and limited words, you can deliver effective messages to your customers. If you are creating a brochure to introduce your business, a minimalist design can include a single background color and simple fonts.

  • 3-D Brochures

Move over conventional 2-D brochures! Now, you can have 3-D brochures to attract your audience. Adding another dimension to the brochure will astonish your clients and make you stand apart from other businesses. You can not only create a 3-D brochure with smart use of colors but also includes pop-ups to make the design look like a piece of art.

  • Illustrations

Usually, brochures contain pictures of company logo, employees, products, etc. But, you can give a unique feel to your brochure with custom art and illustrations. It is becoming quite a trend in 2018. Illustrative designs can catch the attention of your audience and make your business look creative, imaginative and innovative. Even hand-written elements are making their way into brochure designs.

  • Detailed Vintage

Taking a step away from minimalist designs and opt for vintage designs. The stylish, elegant design brings an old-world charm to your offering and gives it an air of sophistication. The concept of vintage designs and illustrations challenges the minimalist trend. It is ideal for someone in food and beverage industry, especially artisanal products. You can opt for it if you are in the hotel business as well.

How to create the Right Brochure for my Business?

You may consider print media to be redundant. But, with the right brochure design and content you can attract more customers. To have a successful brochure design, you must first understand what your customers want from the brochure. What kind of information are they looking for in the print? Address their questions and doubts in order to ensure success.

Focus on the cover and make it as attractive as possible. Draw attention to your products and services with simple, lucid descriptions. Use high-quality images and crisp designs to elevate the quality of the brochure. Have a clear call-to-action so as to improve sales and increase profitability.

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Brochure Design Trends to Follow in 2018

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