Build a Perfect Branding Campaign with Embroidery Digitizing Services

Online marketing is the way to go. You may consider promoting on Facebook and Instagram the best way to target your potential clients. But, amongst the clutter of social media marketing, your message can get lost. Imagine spending a large part of the marketing budget on a Facebook ad that is visible only for a few seconds. Instead of focusing solely on online marketing, you must give attention to promotional and custom clothing that will make people remember you long after the campaign is over. It is the perfect way for branding your business at low cost.

Custom Clothing: A Unique Marketing Tool for your Business

You can hire an embroidery digitizing service to put your logos on hats, t-shirts, jackets, bags or simply any other type of clothing. There are multiple options such as left chest designs, full-back logos, chest logos, back designs, company emblems on t-shirts, etc. to begin with. You can use the clothes for events, functions and promotional campaigns such as:

  • Corporate Uniform

Your employees can be a great way of branding your business. Having a corporate apparel with a logo can make for a great brand recall. If you have lot of traffic in the office or you are a retail business such as a restaurant, department store, etc., you can consider having a corporate uniform. It will enable you to differentiate the business from other competitors.

  • Sporting Events

Whether your business is taking part in a local softball league or competing in the 5k run, having corporate caps, t-shirts or sweatshirts is a good way to market your business. Many businesses have a sports team as a way of building rapport among the employees plus the clothes acts a walking-talking billboard for the business. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

  • Corporate Gifting

You can send personalized gifts to customers on Holidays, anniversaries and special events. When it comes to corporate gifting, the key is in choosing quality products that are useful to your customer. For example, if you know that a big client travels frequently, you can gift a travel bag with your logo on it. If the client loves cooking, an apron with your logo is the way to go.

  • Prizes

You can create a special campaign and use the customized clothes as prizes. With the advent of multiple embroidery digitizing services, personalized clothing doesn’t cost much. But remember when you are going the route of custom clothing, make sure that it connects with the right audience. For example, if you have a department store, giving away tote bags with your logo can mean your customers will use the same for shopping.

How to find the Right Embroidery Digitizing Service for my Business?

In the age of outsourcing, it makes sense to have a reputed, reliable and experienced embroidery digitizing firm work for you. Hiring a firm on a pay-as-you-go basis means you do not have to bear the operational costs of hiring a full-time designer. But, there are many firms in the market. And, you need to make a cautious hiring decision. Follow the tips.

  1. Experience

Do not hire someone just because he is cheap. It can mean shoddy design work. Hire a designer who has adequate knowledge of digitizing a logo, design or sketch to meet your standards.

  1. Quality

When you are spending money on custom clothing, quality becomes of prime importance. If the logo is too small or unclear, your entire promotional campaign may go to waste.

  1. Reliable

You need an embroidery digitizing service that is reliable and delivers you the right designs on time. Punctuality is the key. Choose someone who values quick turnaround time and meets deadlines easily.

The Final Word

There are many freelancers available in the market who will help you with embroidery digitizing. But, make sure that you do thorough research before hiring one. Seek recommendations from your peers and find a reliable designer to help you with your needs. You can always consider Facebook and Google reviews. Understand the services and results the designer provides to its customers. So, spend time in choosing the right embroidery digitizer and choose the right partner for branding your business.

Finding the right embroidery digitizing service is now easy! Choose Made Art Vector, your trusted and reliable graphic design agency. We are experts in digitizing your logos so that they look good on apparel. You can also get in touch with us for quality vector designs and custom artwork services.

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